The advanced email template manager for Outlook 365

Save, load and manage your email templates directly from the Outlook sidebar. Supports attachments, images and formatting. Saves templates into your personal mailbox or Microsoft 365 Groups*.

* Currently works for Windows, Web and macOS versions of Outlook.

Sending mail merge with attachments from Outlook

The best email template management for Microsoft 365 for free

Create a well drafted email once
use it again and again and again and again and again.

The perfect addition if you are performing mail merge regularly. Prepare your email templates in advance and then send personalized emails with attachments and images to your list.

Manage directly from within Outlook
Your templates will be stored in your Outlook account and you can access them from any device.
Secure and private version.
The free personal edition never sends your template to any servers other than your own mailbox.
Organize into folders.
Put your templates into a folder structure so you can find them easily. You can even use subfolders!
Any message or attachment size.
Create templates of any length, with any number or size of attachments. We don't limit your creativity or business needs.
Use snippets instead of full emails.
Don't want to send the full email? Just use a snippet of the email and insert it into your message.
Use rich formatting options.
Add tables, signatures, images or anything else you're used to from Outlook.
Works on Windows, Mac and Web.
TemplateManager365 is a modern Office plugin and therefore works on all platforms that support Outlook. Save a template on your Windows PC and use it on your Mac or Web client or vice versa.
Loading template in Outlook
Saving email templates in Outlook

Write once, re-use forever.

Instead of wrangling with different template solutions, just go straight for the best.
You will love it because it gets your job done faster.

Free & Secure Personal Version

Templates in the free personal edition are stored in your own mailbox.

Free versions of other template manager store your information on their server and can read your templates. We don't do that. Your personal templates are stored in your own mailbox and we never read them.

Shared Team Version (coming soon)

Work together with your team on templates and share them with everyone.

Need to share templates with your team? No problem, we're working on a shared version of the add-in that will allow you to share templates with your team and work together on them.

Get started today with TemplateManager365

Get started today

Save time, stay consistent with the best template manager for Outlook.

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Why should you use TemplateManager365?

In a nutshell: every other template solutions has drawback in usability, security or features. TemplateManager365 is the only solution that has it all.

Easy to set up, just a few clicks

Search for TemplateManager365 in Microsoft Add-Ins and click to add it to your Outlook. That's it. You're ready to go. If your IT departments wants to install it for everyone, they can do so in a few minutes.

Formatted templates with images and attachments

Other template solutions have restrictions on the number of templates or what kind of emails or formatting options you can use. Some don't allow attachments or images. The free version of TemplateManager365 has no restrictions. You can create as many templates as you want, send as many emails as you want, and have as many users as you want.

Save on one device, use on all others

Because templates are stored in your mailbox, you can access them from any other device you use Outlook on. You can even use them on the web version and Mac versions of Outlook.

And not to brag, but we have years of experience creating
popular plugins for Microsoft 365 like our mail merge in Outlook.

Simple pricing, for everyone.

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, our software will work well for you.

Personal Edition

All the functionality you need to manage templates and stores them inside your mailbox.


    Download for free

    Team Edition

    Share templates between team members and improve your workflow efficiency.

    $2per user per month (5 users min.)

    • Share templates in Microsoft 365 Groups
    • Pay via Credit Card / PayPal or your Microsoft 365 subscription
    Free during beta

    Prices are excluding applicable taxes which will be added on checkout.